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              Christian Van Sant watches are inspired by classic design and have a spirit of modern flair. The brand strives to demonstrate its commitment to crafting quality watches for ladies and gentlemen. All timepieces are produced with attention to detail and excellence for the fashion-minded consumer.

               For more than 12 years Christian Van Sant has been inspired by luxury, elegance and sophistication. The creator of Christian Van Sant was enamored of Europe from his very first excursion. He found history, elegance and detail in the art, architecture and goods of the continent. Considering the experience of exploring lands that have fostered civilizations for hundreds of years to be remarkable and a privilege, he desired to honor all he admired from his travels.

               Inspired by European works of craft, he sought to create timepieces that embody the style, elegance and detail found throughout those historic countries. Now, Christian Van Sant watches stand as a testament to the value of beauty, quality, design and time. We at Christian Van Sant hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we do designing them!




    Men's Oak CV7313