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2015 Men's Luxury Watches | Christian Van Sant Timepieces

The new year is already a month underway and you need a new watch to dazzle for any occasion. If you have not heard of Christian Van Sant, you are missing out! Here are a few of our yearly favorites that will make you look sharp, elegant and stylish.

Monarchy CV8123

This timepiece is nothing short of spectacular. It is brilliantly engraved, strongly put together and will match with almost any outfit. This is a must-buy for any watch

Cannes CV4514

This watch screams luxury. If you want to look royal and in charge, look no further than Christian Van Sant's Cannes series. The CV4514 is sure to let you shine in all your glory.

Chateau CV9110

If you are want to look classy, cultured and stylish this is your watch. The Chateau gives you the nature/outdoorsy look while still being sleek and luxurious. For any multidimensional watch enthusiast this is a popular choice.

  • February 03, 2015
  • jordan botbol
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